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Fraxel Re:store®

The Fraxel re:store® laser can treat a variety of conditions, though it is mainly used for the treatment of sun damage and scarred tissue, including unparalleled improvement of acne scars and surgical scars. The re:store works on all skin types and anywhere on the body.

The Fraxel re:store is a non-ablative fractional laser, that resurfaces skin as it is applied. As a result, nearly all patients see immediate improvement with each treatment. The laser promotes the creation of natural collagen, so that those immediate results are enhanced over weeks and months.  As it is non-ablative, the skin is left swollen and pink, but not wounded, allow for the almost immediate application of make-up, and minimal down-time.

The Fraxel re:store can also be used to treat moderate periorbital wrinkles as well as sun spots.