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Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented lesions include melanoma; age spots, known as lentigines; birthmarks; and freckles. A pigmented lesion that is irregularly shaped, irregularly bordered, has multiple colors, and/or is growing or changing in some form, should be examined by a dermatologist. 

Most pigmented lesions are non-cancerous and pose little health risk, but can nonetheless detract from the natural beauty of your skin. Age spots and non-cancerous lesions can be treated by lasers to remove the discoloration caused by excess melanin and return your skin to its healthy color.

Specific lasers target only the pigmented cells by using a controlled frequency that only the desired areas will absorb. The laser light causes the affected cells in the applied area to die, allowing the body to replace them with normal-looking cells. 

The end result is healthy looking skin with a smooth even complexion.